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But we will come to that later. He played for Campbellfield Cricket Club till the age of 16, an innings of 91 in a winning final being his crowning glory.

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There were a lot of club cricketers who were a big influence on me. We had a guy named Mick Gibbs who played at our club. He was like my dad, in that he could bowl endless spells of outswing bowling, but he could also bat so he kept dad out of the team. There was a guy called Westie. I used to love watching him bat. There was a guy called Zoran who was a Macedonian kid, who I once saw make one day. He was basically a T20 club cricketer before either of those things existed. My parents still have a signed Ian Harvey shirt of mine. Matthew Elliott was a huge hero. He was probably the first player I really obsessed over properly, like fanboy over.

Jarrod Kimber: Jack of many trades, master of most - Cricket Country

My mate and I used to dress up like Crowe and play. So the first time I wore a helmet, I purposely wore a white helmet. And I used to get this big square thigh pad because I used to think it made me look like him. I tried his action and more importantly his run-up. Lynn worked as a librarian when Jarrod was a child, and she encouraged him to read profusely. She would create these epic no-budget displays about a theme or genre, and sell the kids on books…I know how well it worked, because she did it on me. The exposure to literature at such a young age brought out a creative side in Jarrod.

He started understanding narrative styles ridiculously early. By five he had already written out a screenplay to a Shirley Temple film. His mother Lynn relates a story about how as a kindergartener he and his friends would put up plays in the living room which Jarrod would direct when they thought no one was watching. Lynn sometimes hid and recorded their shenanigans to listen to later. The obvious talent was there, but there were not a lot of opportunities to showcase it.

For the first two-and-a-half decades of his life, Jarrod was not quite the picture of success. Indeed, at 27 he was parking cars for a living, having dropped out of high school after failing English, been fired from a job at a factory, left gardening school, and failed to finish film school. In , while working a desk job for Qantas he was on shift during the Bali bombings, and spent the night speaking to frantic relatives of people holidaying in Bali, and even a couple of people who were reportedly at the scene of the crime.

However, by then he had also written — but managed to lose — two books, three film scripts which he intends to incorporate into novels or memoirs later in life, and co-founded a production company. None of these ventures took off quite like Jarrod would have liked. In Jarrod wrote a book based on his past relationships. Sadly both books were lost: the laptop he wrote one of the books on belonged to his aunt, who sold it without informing Jarrod. There was no backup. It started innocuously; he went to watch Collingwood play Brisbane in a football match with his friend Todd Spehr.

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After Jarrod advised Todd on his basketball blog, Todd suggested that Jarrod should start a cricket blog. In many ways, that quirky image perfectly describes the unique voice of Jarrod as a cricket writer. But he was still some distance away from making it to the mainstream. When Jarrod was 25 he applied to a film school in Melbourne, and though he did not graduate he set up a film production company called Blank Suburbs with two of his friends. This was a very hard thing to do because young people were just not excited.

Craig asked Jarrod to consider shifting to UK to become a cricket writer.

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Jarrod tried to get a job in Australia as a cricket writer, but had no success there. It was while working on the video for the Catholic Church that Jarrod finally had an epiphany. Most conventional forms of writing have a beginning, middle, and an end in that order. Most paragraphs are at least a few sentences long. Most articles feature the name of the protagonist prominently throughout.

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But Jarrod is not like most other writers. Jarrod takes conventional forms of writing and structure and throws them out the window.

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So Jarrod ended up doing what came naturally. Kimber claims that his love of films influenced his often non-linear stories. He looks behind, under, and around things. He has a sick wit. It takes over an hour to reach via train. The walls of the living room are adorned with framed pictures of sporting heroes. There is a whole bookcase filled with film DVDs. His other son is named Zachariah, partly after Zed from Pulp Fiction, and partly after Z for Zachariah , the book his mother let him read as a child. Byron, who was standing between them, quickly moved out so the ex-couple could embrace, but Keira made a quick exit.

When Jarrod leaned in for a hug, she kept her distance and walked away without saying goodbye. When Jarrod leaned in for a hug, Keira kept her distance and walked away without saying goodbye.

Last Monday, Keira first confirmed that she and Jarrod had split, following weeks of speculation. Replying to a question about whether she is still in a relationship with the vineyard owner, Keira wrote: 'No we are not.

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The couple first sparked rumours of a split in June, after unfollowing each other on Instagram and failing to post any photos together in over a month. Loyal Bachelor fans on Instagram immediately noticed the distance between the former lovebirds, with one commenting: 'Are you two still together? Their relationship was the biggest success story to come out of Bachelor In Paradise. They quickly became inseparable and moved in together after filming for the show ended, only to dramatically split last August.

Jarrod blamed Keira's obsession with Instagram as the reason behind the break-up, telling Who magazine at the time: 'Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship. He added: 'She's purely Instagram-focused and that takes up a lot of time. The couple reunited in January this year, and quickly secured a joint deal to promote the food delivery service Deliveroo on Instagram. Thank you, ex! The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram in June before confirming their split this month.


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