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Affirmations are a great way to change your thought patterns and take control of your life before that demon takes control of your soul. Recite these positive affirmations into the mirror to harness your inner strength and also banish the evil spirit that uses your vanity as a portal to your home. Remind yourself every day that this is not your fault. Remind yourself that you are more than this ungodly spectre taunting you and soon your strong sense of self will send it crawling back to the spirit realm.

But sometimes people, and demonic spirits, do get lost, and you need to help them find their way out of your mirror and back down the tunnel to hell.

Trapped in a Duel to the Death!

You can do this by self-actualizing, or my hiring some sort of ancient witch woman to come over to your house and perform a satanic ritual. Hunters draw traps on places that could easily be overlooked. Some examples include the ceiling, or underneath rugs. He also has one outside the panic room , and two more inside the panic room itself, one painted on the floor, and the other was soldered in the ventilation above the room.

He also uses a trap on the door of his car trunk, to transport captured demons and preventing them from escaping.

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Linda Tran once used a Devil's Trap in a similar manner. To defeat Abaddon , Henry Winchester engraves a Devil's Trap onto a bullet and shoots it into her head. It acts as a normal Devil's Trap would with the added bonus of binding her to her vessel. Once, to capture Crowley , Dean painted a Devil's Trap on a handcuff and handcuffed the demon to himself.

Say These Positive Affirmations In The Mirror Every Morning To Eradicate the Demon Trapped In There

This worked as well as a normal Devil's Trap and Crowley was ensnared. Despite the fact that it can trap most if not all demons , its greatest weakness is that it is simply a drawing. If the drawing is in any way broken or altered, the trap will lose its power. Another demon named Casey was able to cast a spell from within, although she was unable to release herself.

Trapped Demon

During the Demon Curing Ritual , as the demon becomes more human, they become less and less susceptible to the trap to the point that they can eventually just walk right out without breaking it even before becoming fully human unless they are properly restrained. Cain proved to be so powerful that while a devil's trap was able to confine him, he stated it wouldn't hold him long and still possessed his superhuman strength and telekinesis.

Ruby was also able to escape a Devil's Trap through some unknown method after Dean trapped her in one. While a devil's trap bullet can bind a demon indefinitely, they can also remove the bullet themselves and escape if they aren't killed or further disabled afterwards. Sign In Don't have an account?

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