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She finds a positive match; on Twitter. Tutee by Behrouz Kashani Short, Comedy, Animation, Family - A mini-tv animation about the challenge between modernity and old-good-days. Showing how technology can change lives, habits and how it can affect humanity in a good or bad ways.

Ms Dependable by Calvin Walker Short, Drama - A woman known for getting it done is left with her hands tied when her sister turns ill. Baseball will make you cheer and make you cry. Samantha, and her Coach Rick, will change baseball forever as this teenage girl is called up to play professional baseball. Both must endure great hardships on their paths to the majors.

And in her room, a closet that makes noise at night. The question is 'what's in that closet? The Saint corporation, the creators of many of today's high-tech inventions created the virtual world for the sole purpose of interacting with individuals around the world from any location. It was later on, when someone thought of hacking mobile suits in came to mind. This was done not to restart the wars of old, but to release the inner nature of mankind.

Soon after, disputes, educational courses, dates, even combat training was all done by engaging within the virtual world. Mugged by Jeff Bruno jeffjb91 Short, Comedy - A young man's attempt to mug someone goes horribly and awkwardly wrong. When princess arrives in London, it's at once clear she's a mulatto. Kyle, an inspiring movie writer, wants more in his life than just the same routine. After running out of creative ideas, Kyle turns to his own life for inspirations.

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A Mummy's Search by Dexter B writing as Helen Grosvenor Short, Horror - After being awakened in the midst of a massacre, a mummy must search for his dearly beloved to save the world from complete and utter chaos. Mums in the zoo by Helio J. Corderio Short - After this we all have to think about what kind of place is a zoo. Chamberlain is an ill, weak Prime Minister who nonetheless finds the conviction to arrest Britain's seemingly unstoppable march to war.

In the first example of shuttle diplomacy, and with the world watching, he flies to Germany to do a deal. Murder and Love by Maurice Vaughan screenwriter reese Short, Drama, Romance - A 's mobster is interrogated by his ex-wife who's a police detective for the murder of another mobster. Murder at Madison Avenue by Thomas Radwell Comedy, Thriller - As baffled police attempt to identify a body; 4 different witnesses finger 4 different suspects and 4 different victims. Slowly they piece this intricate jigsaw puzzle together and a tale of self sacrifice and refusal to be beaten emerges in an achingly funny yet nail bitingly tense 'who-done-it?

Can Ellen Terry and Henry Irving help him find the real killer? Murder Justified, A by James Chancellor Drama - A twelve-year-old boy, silenced by fear, violent by inner turmoil waits trial for murdering his father. Unexplainable forces pull a grieving psychiatrist into the case, plagued with dreams and mysterious visions his grief turns into determination and he converts himself into the boy's defense attorney. Murder of Crows by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Horror - A freelance wildlife photographer and her young son must fight to survive when their village is besieged by millions of flesh hungry crows.

Murder, Mud and Mayhem A Love Story by Artemus Comedy, Dark Comedy - While on a trip to the English coast a young American business heir falls in love with a local woman who helps him survive a kidnapping from two inept killers. Murderdrome by Phillip Richards Action, Adventure - A World War One veteran who is being stalked by a mob hitman races his motorcycle on the treacherous board tracks of the 's. Murderer by Mark Ndlovu Short, Drama - A man in black tries to force his way into the house of a young woman.

Murderhorn by Rodriquez Fruitbat Horror - A troubled boy finds an injured dark unicorn in the forest behind his house and nurses it back to health with the blood of his tormentors. Murderland by Robert Cain Thriller - A killer theme park and it's murder spree. Who is the man behind it? Mused by Pete Lane Short, Romantic Comedy - Sixteen year old Devon Grell is a talented and skilled musician, but he's still missing one thing: inspiration.

Tonight, he'll find it - and her name is Gina. In reality, the definition is universal yet varying, and it's the same when a boy and a girl of different culture and class clash in an underground subway station, where they share and learn more about the true meanings of music themselves. Musings of a God by Vincent Kane Short, Sci Fi, Fantasy - Two godlike beings are walking across the Cosmic Shores of our Universe, they chance upon the Earth and argue over whether Mankind needs to be destroyed or allowed to evolve into the future.

Must Get a Good Man by Garfield Whyte Comedy - Parents send their girls to a girls boarding school to become ladies; some girls allow their raging hormones to turn them into renegades. Mute, The by T. Vanish from the face of the earth. The few who survived find they've lost all ability to speak, and that some have lost much more than that. Betts souterfell Short, Comedy - When teenager Trevor is forced to hang out with his eight year old cousin, he finds that the kid's imagination is more than just overactive: it's dangerous. My Angel by Michel J.

They meet in Heaven, but Charli is sent back to Earth. Thomas succeds to escape and tries his best to find her down on. But Charli does not recall anything. And Thomas has his guardian angel a beautiful black woman on his tail to bring him back to Heaven. My Big Fat Greek Wedding Part Two - A different story by Elias Papadopoulos Comedy - For the first time in history a Greek man and a Turkish woman will get together and fall in love in a hillarious story that will become world headline news.

The local department is on to him and they want to take him down. Manny, 23 must decide to help out a life long friend or incriminat him, using his boss's son. My Daddy's Santa Claus by Javier Torregrosa jayrex hosted by Javier Torregrosa, screenwriter Comedy - Tommy makes a discovery that should lead to happiness, only for reality to kick in. The girls and Jerry love to Party and "Dad" is allowed to tag along and live vicariously through the them so long as he picks up the check. My Dead Aunt Diane by Curtis Lofgren Comedy - Clark's dead aunt, a victim of an Oakland A's line drive years ago, helps him get through his heart attack with a journey through across the universe, stopping at an unknown planet to help an old friend.

My Dear Loo by Helio J. Corderio Short, Horror - A cleaner of a public toilet is tormented by a nasty guy that no pays respect for anyone until the day when he decides to use the public toilet's loo and so the payback succeeds. My Death Approaches Thee by Richard D Dubose Horror - A young man sets out to put an end to the curse that has followed his family for over years after he discovers that innocent people are taking his place in death. Realisation soon hits home - This is no ordinary day, Mark is in very real danger and the only person who can save him is a fictional mad man in a box.

My Dog by Simon Parker Short, Drama - It's the end of the world, three friends are hiding out in a cabin with a small dog. Two of them want to eat the dog, but his owner swears he'll never let that happen. My Dysfunctional Family by The Writer Series, Comedy - A man recently released from a mental institution is forced to move in with his brother who's marrying his ex girlfriend that's pregnant with his twins babies. In fact he considers it home. His mood swings across the spectrum of emotions. For most of the time the dialogue is punctuated with him drinking from a bottle of whisky concealed in a paper bag.

In the main John is a sensitive, intelligent and articulate man but alcohol creates rapid mood swings. On the grass next to the bench are his worldly possessions: an old bike, a sleeping bag, a few blankets, a fold up canvass chair and a fedora which he puts on and takes off on a regular basis.

When he takes his shoes off his socks reveal more holes than material. He finds his home town pretty much the same as it was when he left; he, however, has changed. His friends are still struggling to get by and, rather against his better judgement, he slips back into old routines.

Initially all this is tolerable but he discovers in the wake of his uncle's funeral that his brother and sister are his uncle's children. An argument with his mother prompts him to move in with his old school friend and he soon finds himself sharing a house with his three childhood friends all of whom seem to have come to a crossroads in their lives, one way or another. Taken from reports and government documents, this story tells what happened at My Lai and the aftermaths.

My Life by Robert M. Lyons Short, Drama - A year in the life of a young man in the car business in the 's in Chicagoland. My Love by Harley Wolfe Jr. Hugh Hoyland Short, Horror, Gothic - A grief stricken lover makes a deal with the devil in hopes of being reunited with his lost love. Short, Horror - The parents of a young girl suffering from night terrors, arrange a sleep over; but at what cost? They inadvertently fall in love and set down a path packed with obstacles tossed at them by society.

My Own Death by Edrick Joel Magambo Thriller - Named the prime suspect in the murder of a famous writer, a struggling writer strives to clear his name from the law while hiding from a persistent loan shark on his tail. A tale of desperation and mental deterioration as Amanda struggles to cope with her addiction. My River Waits For Me by Gillian Fu gipattinson Short - About a father and daughter that meet for the first time without knowledge of who they are to each other. My Roomate, The Superhero by Josh Park Series - A down-on-his luck worker at a sandwich shop and a superhero getting his start become unlikely roommates.

Poor but determined, they both struggle to get their lives together. My Sweet Lord of the Rings. Middle Earth may never be the same Mysterium by Elisabeth Gaylord Sci Fi, Fantasy - Squiblee is exiled from his tribe in a mysterious world made almost entirely of ice. The people of this world can use a mind-technique to manipulate elements and organisms. The world was meant to be a utopia but it falls to corruption. Squiblee and several people that he meets on his journey must defend their land and reunite Mysterium.

Mystery of the Haunted Hay Wagon by T. Joseph Fraser blakkwolfe Short, Family Horror - A teenage girl and a security guard unravel a mystery that even the guys at the post office would not believe. At least that's the way the C. No, that's not quite true. This is actually the story of a complete moron who stumbled upon the secret to eternal happiness.

In the year , a group called the 'Renewers' fight to find an ancient spell called 'Niilo', a spell with the power to change worlds. When there's good, there's evil. While they fight to restore the Earth, someone else fights to destroy it. E Near Death Experience by Lindell Gross datwriterguy Thriller - A woman must cross the boundries of death and risk hell itself, in order to do battle with the dead serial killer who murdered her family.

Work by N. WORK Series, Drama - I am currently turning this into a web series and would like honest feedback to make this pleasurable for all viewers. The scandal behind this is what moves this series. Nakation by Marvin K. Perkins Comedy - Mike, Raphael, Rex and Brittany four co-workers embark on a routine vacation to a destination where all the guests are totally nude.

What they encounter on their journey is way more than they could have imagined. Their plane crashes after the explosion of a terrorist's underwear bomb and they find themselves stranded in a Louisiana swamp. They have a close encounter with an alligator, a run in with shot gun toting inbred swamp dweller and an altercation at a redneck diner along their journey. But all's well that ends well as the group all find true love.

This short biography shines a light on what made her one of the most talked about and controversial people of all time. Her story is as sad as it is shocking. The Narrows by Halifax J. Lorshe Thriller - The Narrows is a semi-minimalist noir dealing with identity, heritage, and revolution. In Chicago, a woman of color who lives simply with few clues to her past must act when called upon to take up the mantle of a powerful person she left years ago, and whose "empire" she stands to inherit.

Natas by Mike VinSavage Horror - A family must fight the forces of evil to save their souls, from eternal damnation. Nathan Green by Marnie Mitchell-Lister Short, Horror - When a woman struggling to deal with her recent separation buys a jacket from a thrift store, she inadvertently lets another bad man into her life. As usual he gets wasted, and in a drunken haze confuses another woman with his girlfriend. Bradey, thinking the other woman is his girlfriend, goes off into the night, leaving his girlfriend bewildered back in the restaurant.

He shows up at his ex-girlfriend's apartment the next day oblivious to the situation and with his chest tattooed with the other girl's name. His ex eventually dumps him. National Pride by Gary Murphy Short - The greatest horse race watched from a Dublin pub is the perfect chance for a family still grieving to focus on the future.

Naughty Claus by Renee Joynson bflywings Comedy - When a stuck up business woman buys a stolen phone she is thrust into the life of an angel where controlling her new life will be harder than it seems in her pursuit to earn a set of angel wings. Naughty Claus by Renee Joynson bflywings Comedy - When a stuck up buisness woman buys a stolen phone, she is thrust into the life of an angel, where controling her new life will be harder than it seems in her pursuit to earn a set of angel wings. The Naughty List by Mitchell Kirk Comedy - A lawyer is forced to rat out his employer who is wanted all over the globe for a slew of high profile crimes.

The cops who turned him become concerned however after he tells them his boss lives on an iceberg in the Arctic Circle and used to be a renowned philanthropist. Naughty Nazis by Richard Rivera Short, Comedy, Satire - An ambitious network executive manages to piss off his fellow executives and the public when he airs a brand new sitcom -- that takes place in a Jewish concentration camp.

Nazi Smasher! The Near Death Experience by Michael Joseph Kospiah spesh2k Drama - After barely surviving a brutal attack, a widowed suicide hotline operator "sees the light" and decides to inflict the same experience upon his callers to "help" them appreciate their lives. Neather Men by David Redstone Action, Adventure - After his niece is abducted by the vengeful commander of a ghost warship, an ex-Navy SEAL must attempt her rescue by confronting a vulnerable society of underwater inhabitants called Neathers.

Necessary Evil by Adam Slutsky Short, Thriller - To prevent an unspeakable atrocity, a young boy must commit a terrible crime. Necessary Means by Chazz Christopher Action, Adventure - After a newly-retired Green Beret survives an assassination attempt, he slowly uncovers a massive political conspiracy, with the help of the Green Beret recruit who was the cause for his retirement. Neck of the Woods by Gary abe from la Short, Horror - Two university students transport a crate of artifacts through a forest. But on this night, the serial killer on the loose is not the worst nightmare.

The Necro File by Jayden Simon writing as Dunkin Ho Nuts Short, Horror, Erotic Horror - A sexually inexperienced assistant to the coroner becomes stuck on an elevator with the corpse of a beautiful young woman and, well, first love is never easy, is it? Necromancer by Christopher Sorensen Horror - One general, one necromancer, and a long forgotten god. The earth has been in decay for ten years, now a new warrior will emerge to set the world free.

Necrophilia by Michel J. Duthin Short - Love has many faces-- In some relationships love means tenderness and caring. And in other relationships love means-- death. Need by Curtis Rainey ambitioniskey Short, Drama - A young woman craves love, but as her story plays out from present to past, tragic events warp her view of what the word really means. The Neighbor by Bernard Mersier Horror - The laws of the ten commandments are enforced, when Deacon Patrick Graves discovers his wife cheating, leading to a gruesome murder.

He goes on a holy rampage of murder, killing those who break the commandments, eating their flesh, which in his mind is cleansing their souls. What lengths will they go to protecting perfection? Nerd Sperm by ShaDon Manigault Comedy - The most popular cheerleader in school has a one night stand with the biggest nerd and now she is pregnant with his baby.

How to make your writing suspenseful - Victoria Smith

Nero by Cameron Dueker Cameron writing as Prodigy Short, Action, Adventure, Apocalypse - A survivor and his AI companion navigate the dilapidated ruins of an abandoned city overrun by aggressive technology scavengers and disease. Nerves by Jeffrey Morris woodchuck Comedy - Love comes in all forms. In the days leading up to their senior year, three high school buds each meet a different face of love. But do they have the nerve or will to act accordingly? Fun, fleshed out characters and sharp, fresh dialogue drives 'Nerves' to its unexpected climax.

The end all be all high school movie that deals with Love. The Nest by Baitul Javid Drama - When an innocent Muslim girl falls for a rebellious boy from her school, she is manipulated into joining a cult. Netspionage by Eddie Thames godonthewire Sci Fi - An unstoppable computer virus threatens the world financial markets. Elite hackers the world over are mysteriously disappearing. A revolutionary new technology is revealed which the powerful high-tech corporations are determined to have at any cost.

Only one person has the key, a mysterious super hacker known only as The Magician who is determined to bring the world to its knees. Network of Killers by Dewey Reynolds Thriller - A detective and a witness are targeted by a ruthless mafia organization after obtaining information which connects them to the killing of an FBI agent. The Network President by Richard Rivera Short, Comedy, Satire - A thoughtless, insensitive billionaire who owns his own commercial-free television station manages to offend the viewing public with offensive programming.

Never Get Enough by Kimberly Greaney Presta Drama - An established marijuana dealer runs into financial struggles when his only 'connect' gets thrown behind bars. He turns to what he believes are bigger and better things; only to fall deeper into situations out of his control. Visions that lead him to a music mogel with something to hide and the broken daughter of a dead rocker. These unlikely hereos, Vic and Kitty Hughes, find themselves caught between the real dangers of a powerful mogel and the surreal of the supernatural song. A song that desires justice from the grave.

That is until his ex wife tries to end it, permentaly. Never Stop Running by Timothy F. Mabuse Short - Lives can change in a split second. It's never too late to choose a different path. New Beginnings by Richard L. Near the scheduled marriage date, Chad abruptly backs out. Although Karen is shocked and devastated, she rebounds. Chad, on the other hand, is an unmarried drinker. He's alienated, disillusioned, pessimistic, and obsessed about not having initially married Karen.

Through a series of bizarre circumstances, Chad is given a second chance to relive his past. The relationship is less than harmonious. Problems that plagued his first life, still exist. When Chad apologetically admits to Karen she had a former life, all her dreams, flashes, images, and memories of a prior a life, make sense. A key role is played by MR. The price for Chad's return to the past is his soul. In the concluding scenes, Karen fails an attempted suicide.

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Chamberland returns Karen to her previous life. However, the price is dear - her soul. Chad's repeated failures lead to suicide, resulting in a descent into hell. There, once again, he's reunited with Mr. Chamberland and, surprisingly, his cruel father. New Boy, The by Tom Pascal tommyp Short - A new guy on the jobs gets the wrong idea when being seduced by three intimidating young ladies.

New Earth: Dawn of Civilization by Frank Liu scriptwriteralpha Sci Fi, Fantasy - In the future when Earth has been turned into a spaceship, a young military officer must decide whether to keep fighting the rebellion or join their revolution. The New Kid by Simon I. Proud Horror - When Nick, the new kid, arrives at school, Clara Black and her gang of social outcasts take him in.

They soon find out that Nick knows a thing or two about the occult, and he tutors them in the ways of witchcraft; a means of striking back at their tormentors. But as things race out of control - as they invariably do - Clara begins to realize Nick might have other, nefarious, plans: to raise a vile and destructive demon that will lay waste to their town and possibly the world.

But, facing different issues from family members, they'll have a hard time being with a person of another race. New Lease by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short, Drama - Ryan, a misguided teen, learns the truth about the death of his friend, in the most unlikely of places. Someone who re-kills people brought back to life after a suicide. New Life Awaits, A by Rodney Short, Drama - On the brink of being walked over, a male is going to be taught a disturbing lesson by his loving grandmother.

In order to get the job, she must demonstrate her talent. New Miami by Spencer Paradise Sci Fi, Fantasy - A heist gone wrong involving a highly advanced robot brings a group of vigilantes into the dark crime world of a futuristic Miami. New Moon by Jerry W. Hawkins Action - A small town Sheriff deals with his troubled relationship with his teenaged daughter, Government Agents, and something in the woods. The New Oil by Amobi Chukwuma Emmanuel Drama, Action, War - After posing as a pro reporter to receive information about the newly discovered type of fossil fuel in Africa, a young asthmatic African American must escape annihilation from the revolutionists and run the story to prevent a civil war.

New Order by R. He only wanted to eat breakfast and finish his book. At first it seems harmless. But it ain't gonna stay that way. Fresh out of ideas, he conjures up the character Olivia, who in turn, tries to stop Will Greene from writing. A dark comedy. New Salem by Chris Paulino Horror - In the secluded town of New Salem, Alaska, a disgraced sheriff seeks to rescue his former deputies from a coven of witches operating a whore house.

New Sins by Oscar Moreno Short, Sci Fi, Fantasy - The ruler of a world where art has been banned must seek the help of a paralyzed musician to awaken his comatose daughter. New Used Car by R. It doesn't go too well. The buying I mean. The script goes great guns. Not real ones. Western filmed in New Jersey. They meet, and share their prior lives all to the music of Billy Joel. A story of forgiveness, mistakes, and hope. News, The by Helio J. Corderio Short, Drama - Take care! Good news may be just a trap.

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The Newscaster by Fausto Lucignani Short, Drama - When his cancer-stricken wife needs an expensive new drug, an indigent, elderly man recklessly attempts to give her the last chance of survival. Newspaper Route by Ronald Fordham Short, Horror - While doing a newspaper route late at night, a young married couple are stalked by a mysterious car. The government goes after the only man documented to have this ability, Troy Kneddic.

Troy, now on the run, goes through a whirl wind of lies and deception. He must even question his own sanity if he is to over come this obstacle to find the truth. But the truth is just the beginning. Registered with WGA 96 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Rob pieces together what he can before events take a drastic turn. Next Stop, Salvation by Warren Duncan Short, Horror - A supply run turns deadly for a group of commuters when they encounter a monstrous storm.

A timer ticks down from ten minutes, and mysterious messages are being sent for him to decipher. What happens when the timer stops ticking? He goes to "Spencer Junior High". He is popular and is the captain of the swimming team and is also a 4. However he possesses an idiosyncrasy of nibbling his friend's noses out of love and affection and in his senior year a girl whose name is Michelle Thompson is found murdered and her nose severed and the police officers suspect Viren.

Has he committed this heinous crime or is he being set-up by a cold, calculating murderer? Nice Day, A by Matt Mitchell herding Short, Drama - A girl and her mom talk about the mom's new boy friend and there is a secret uncovered 4 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Nick and Pipen by Brooks Todd Comedy - Two best friends abandon 'normal life' to travel around Texas playing bar trivia. Nick of Time by Richard D. Kinsella scartissuefilms Short - Crime doesn't always pay!

Nick's Rib by Kevin Albers hosted by Kevin Albers Short - A cautionary tale on why you shouldn't stick your pecker in any ol' hole that presents itself: wet and warm, or otherwise. Nicky Bats by Brandon Vega Drama, Mob, Romance - After a lifetime of abandonment and rejection, hitman Nicky Bats wonders if even the girl of his dreams will take care of his fragile heart. Based on true events. Night 6 by Jean-Pierre Chapoteau Short, Drama - A determined detective with a secret, works hard to capture a theatrical serial killer.

Night at the Pizzeria by Ayham Saati Short, Thriller - It's closing time at the restaurant, but has everyone really left? An old farm woman getting ready for bath is attacked. It is in the process of being made into a 60 min short film at the college i go to. IT's about some friends who take a night class at there local college and they get locked into the school with a clown masked convict whose weapon of choice are number 2 pencils. Night Fall by Thomas R. Bronson's isolated country estate and the women he sleeps with, cons and kills!

The Night I Closed by Ed Beach crusadervoice Short - A young woman's life is changed forever when crosses paths with a minor league hockey team at Kentucky truck stop during an ice storm that closes in the highway. It all starts pleasant enough, however his excursion takes a harrowing turn when the sun goes down. Night of the Damned by Gary abe from la Short, Horror - Father and daughter outlaws rob the wrong country store.

Night of the Red Phantom by Eric Dickson Thriller - After San Francisco Homicide Inspector Roy Carson is shot and left for dead in a back alley, he is left comatose for sixty days, then re awakens with no memory of the man who shot him. Night of the Skullmen by Mykle Van Hausen mvh Short, Horror, Young Adult - Jeremy and Sherridan fight to survive and warn their friends of costumed men quietly spreading horror through their small town on Halloween night.

Night of the Violent Men by Jack Felson Horror - After robbing a jewelry store, two gangsters are quickly caught and end up on the coroner's table, one after another. The first one dead, the other one And the loot is still no to be found. Night of the Unknown by Rob McNeil Drama, Mystery, Crime - With no memory of the night prior, a sarcastic college student must prove her innocence after being accused of the murder of her boyfriend.

A Night of Violence by Steven Wood Short, Horror, Western - Every summer, residents of this small town must endure 12 hours of vengeful cowboys that strive to retake what's theirs. Night Shift by James McClung Thriller, Horror - A cynical nurse and a remorseful drunk driver investigate the murder of hospitalized patients seemingly at the hands of the doctors themselves.

Night Sweat by Justin Swartz Short, Thriller, Suspense - A young woman has nightmares about her own murder and must learn how to prevent it on a hot summer night. Night To Remember, A by Adam Mosquito Short, Comedy - When the nerdy school-boy and the hot chick of the school are paired up as study partners, what's the worst that could happen? It's a party that no one will ever forget.

Night To Remember, A by Javier Torregrosa jayrex hosted by Javier Torregrosa, screenwriter Short, Thriller, Horror, Drama - Tyler awakes to find he doesn't know who he is, and all he has to go on are the clues left behind to help him retrace his whereabouts. Night Train by Anthony Cawood hosted by Anthony Cawood Short, Sci Fi, Supernaturalnatural - A horny teenager decides to prank his girlfriend with an immersive ghost experience when she won't take their relationship to the next level. PG pdf - Discuss this script.

Nightmare on Elm Street, A Dickson version by Eric Dickson Horror - Nancy Thompson dreams of being stalked by a razor clawed madman who claimed her sister's life twenty years earlier. Several high school students are found butchered alone in rooms, and the police have no leads as to the culprit.

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Meanwhile, Nancy Thompson is having terrifying nightmares that a mysterious man with a man-made claw of steel blades wants to kill her. But it isn't until she finds out that her friends are having the exact same nightmare that she realizes that someone - or something - is killing the teens of Springwood in their sleep. Searching for answers, Nancy uncovers a long-buried town secret - deceased child murderer Freddy Krueger, burned to death years ago by the town's PTA. Realizing that Freddy has come back in a revenge effort from beyond the grave, Nancy confronts Freddy on his own turf - the world of dreams.

Is it a ghost? Perhaps but Ghosts do not exist! Do they? Nightout by Siva B Short, Thriller, Suspense - A man and women candle light dinner acquires an odd taste, when a man returns from a cigarette break to find that the women has disappeared and the one remaining customer in the restaurant is gorging on what appears to be skin and bone. Based on Snow White pdf - Discuss this script. Nightstalker by Nolan Bryand Short, Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure - The life of Nightstalker the cat is complicated by humans, dogs and the monstrous vacuum cleaner. He sleeps in class, he has trouble with women, and did I mention he's out saving the people of New York City every night?

Nine Ninety - Disclosure by Demetri Drama - The SilverRing Class is given the merciless power to bring the world to its knees without a moments notice, resulting to the perplexed execution of a Modern Day Dictatorship, turning the simple acts of everyday politics into a bloodbath battlefield. The Nines by Leo Birchley-Brun Horror - The Nines is a slasher horror about the members of a very exclusive high school clique who go on a weekend away to a secluded manor house and find themselves unwillingly having to survive against an unknown killer with an unclear motive.

Ninja by Matt Newton masaro Action - This is a fictional story about the real life ninja who resided in Japan during the 's. The ninja were the spies and assassins during this period, offering their various services to the highest paying samurai lords, who constantly fought amongst one another for power and supremacy. The film depicts the extraordinary techniques, tactics and fighting skills used by the ninja of this time, in order for them to affect their aims. With an assassin lurking, a small task turns into a deadly game for all involved. Each nation is trained to be a ninja-samurai - swift and hideous like a ninja, knowing ninja arts, and extremely skilled swordsman, as a samurai.

As the second act goes on, Steve pulls even the most innocent characters into an epic showdown of offensive jokes. In a recent interview, Jeremy Shamos , who portrayed Steve in the Off Broadway premiere at Playwrights Horizons and in the subsequent Los Angeles and Broadway productions, recalled what it was like to play Mr. What did you think when you realized you would have to tell these jokes every night? It also makes you question what you laugh at, and where the line falls. The play holds a mirror to people, especially the sort of white, potentially entitled audience who come to see theater.

A look at women marginalized by rape during wartime, but also a celebration of endurance. Condola Rashad and Saidah Arrika Ekulona in a production. Nottage traveled to central Africa three times to interview refugees before coming up with her wrenching story of a morally complicated woman who runs a bar and brothel where she shelters, and profits from, women who have fled rape and abuse. The Goodman Theater in Chicago commissioned and first staged the play. In a recent interview, Ms.

The success of the play invited people to take a second look at my work. It opened many, many doors that had been shut for me — suddenly it felt like I was a playwright that was part of a much larger cultural conversation. It has a very robust life in academia, but for whatever reason, whatever hesitation there was about transferring it to Broadway remains in the air. It still feels dangerous to theaters, because of the dark themes. The step-by-step process of sexual predation, methodical as a driving manual, shapes an elegiac play. But that mess has been there all along; decades ago, Ms. Vogel was staring it down.

He taught her the rest then, too, as methodically as he instructed her behind the wheel: How to value his desires over hers. How to let him invade her body. How not to tell on him. Eventually he also taught her how to drink, a handy way to tamp down the anguish he would leave her with for life. Soft as a summer night and chilling as a deep freeze, the play has an ingenious form and a cleareyed awareness that even a harrowingly dysfunctional childhood could have some warmth and laughter in it.

Braiding three strands of history — theatrical, Jewish, gay — it, too, puts women and sexuality at its center. This time, though, there is romance, and defiant celebration. Awards Pulitzer Prize Review May 17, With each work set in a different decade of the 20th century, and largely in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, these 10 dramas which Wilson began working on in the late s chronicle the history of black Americans with an epic breadth of vision that is matched by the soaring poetry of their language.

Even looking at the following excerpt on the page, you can hear that music. Read — and listen — as the bluesman Floyd Barton expresses his ambition in an ascending aria of desire. I am going to Chicago. If I have to buy me a graveyard and kill everyone I see. Everybody I know live without. I want to live with. Whatever it is. Have something. Have anything. She got to do without the fire. Some kind of warmth in her life. It a cold world, let me have a little shelter from it.

Floyd Barton is gonna make his record. Floyd Barton is going to Chicago. Documentary theater at its most virtuosic — a kaleidoscopic portrait of urban unrest in a single performance. Anna Deveare Smith in one of the nearly four dozen roles she created. Center Theater Group. Smith talked about how she developed her distinctive method:. And so I certainly had a sense that there needed to be other modes of expression for my own work. A masterwork from the most corrosive and uncompromising moralist in American theater today.

An anxious bleat that mixes self-defense with self-flagellation, the voice of the playwright Wallace Shawn has become synonymous with the sound of guilty white liberals, admitting their base natures and apologizing for their very existences. Since Mr. Shawn has appeared in New York and London productions of his own work, it has been possible for audiences to hear that voice literally. But even without the nasal tones and sibilance that are essential to Mr.

At its center is Jack a role first played by Mr. Shawn , a lucky philistine who married into a world of glamorous literati. It is Mr. Jack, by his own definition, is a rat, by which he means not a betrayer although that shoe might fit but a creature that does whatever it must to avoid extermination. Shawn does not write heroes. This is achieved through the exercise of that distinctive voice of Mr.

Was there anything, then, that I could expect to achieve in the coming years? Well, perhaps I could somehow train my mind to focus less compulsively on terrifying images of death and disease. Perhaps I could learn how to pass more easily from one moment to the next, the way the monkey, our ancestor, shifts so easily along from branch to branch as he follows the high road through the forest at night. Let me learn how to repose in the quiet shade of a nice square of chocolate, a nice slice of cake. Review May 15, Watch Wallace Shawn read.

This sweet and bitter dramedy is a classic American family play that transcends its genre. Their furniture is stuck in Queens; one less thing to be thankful for. It is buoyed by jokes and tenderness and unlooked-for moments of grace, because Mr. Karam, like Annie Baker, owes a debt to Chekhov. Dontcha think it should cost less to be alive? I even started cutting my own hair to try and save a few bucks. Messed it up pretty good. Awards Tony for best play Review Oct.

But Kenneth Lonergan is no mere tape recorder. His dialogue sounds truer to life than life itself, in capturing both the moral evasions and unintended revelations that emerge every time people open their mouths. Lonergan and noticing the many stars drawn to perform his work. In what follows, the hapless Warren, recently evicted from his own home, discusses a future that will never happen with a fashion student named Jessica. Well … My basic philosophy about clothes is that they should be comfortable, and not look like too many people had to slave over their creation.

Because it just basically invalidates whoever you are right now. You know what I mean? It just makes your whole self at any given point in your life seem so completely dismissible. Review Oct. What turned the key? Perhaps autobiography. Certainly she is numerous; Albee refracted her into three characters of different ages, called A in her 90s , B in her 50s and C in her 20s.

I had to work for everything; nothing came my way. I was tall and handsome; she was tall and pretty, tall but shorter, not as tall as I am … was. To A ; patient It happens with time: we get shorter. You wait! Awards Pulitzer Prize Review Feb. Profoundly compassionate, explosively profane, this is the play that put its author, and his theater company, on the map. Sean Carvajal as a prisoner in the Signature Theater production. So was Mr. Hoffman, then just starting out as a director. Guirgis, now a Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke recently about how seeing Mr.

I was afraid. I remember seeing a matinee of Phil, and it had such an effect on me after the show. I remember trying to unlock my bike and just crying. So I rode my bike home and I started writing and I basically finished the play. The first draft. It was almost four years old when it opened Off Broadway in , and by then it was much anticipated — not least because of a near-incantatory New York Times review of its New Haven production. Both of those were Pulitzer Prize finalists.

A twist on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, it is a slender thing, the story of a young woman besotted with her sweet new husband yet missing her dead father with such depth of longing that she follows him, inadvertently, to the underworld. So he carefully, tenderly constructs a room for her out of string. Inside it, he gently helps her to rebuild her mind.

The elegant simplicity of that string room is emblematic of the play, which is abundant with feeling — between a daughter and her father, between a wife and her husband — and also with fanciful oddity: a chorus of coldhearted stones, a Lord of the Underworld vrooming around on a red tricycle. Yet Ms. Ruhl is so powerfully in control, balancing the elements so exquisitely, that there is restraint even in such fullness. Corsets loosened up considerably in Ms. That this smart, funny ode to autonomous female sexuality was once on Broadway feels like a dream.

Or only so much of a farce as love itself is, pratfalling each night and renewable each morning. Kate Valk and Suzzy Roche in the original production. Four decades ago, when the Wooster Group began its acts of theatrical subversion, who could possibly have predicted that this loopy experimental troupe would turn out to be so precisely prophetic? Led by the director Elizabeth LeCompte , the Wooster Group pioneered an onstage vision in which art high and low became a single pulsing entity, informational media blended into a senses-scrambling blur and technology splintered our collective attention span into kaleidoscopic shards.

LeCompte and her precision-tooled company have regularly summoned a universe of multiple screens, melting words and mechanically displaced voices. In the world according to Wooster, the most basic notions of identity — individual and cultural — come under siege, and it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between live performance and its replicated images.

The show suggested how prescient Stein was in championing Cubism as a jagged mirror of contemporary life. A NASA rep recruits an oil driller and his team of mavericks to save Earth from an oncoming asteroid. Cinemax Wed. Armored-truck guards turn against one another after their plan to rob their company goes terribly awry. EPIX Sun. KFTR Sat. GALA Sun. An embittered veteran of the Vietnam War attempts to come to terms with his past and his current place as a black man in America. Cops and convicts join forces to defend a barren police station from a vengeance-seeking street gang.

Four Atlanta teenagers, whose lives revolve around hip-hop and rollerskating, face life-changing challenges on and off the rink. BET Tues. BET Wed. With the Berlin Wall about to fall, an elite MI6 spy travels into the heart of the city to retrieve a priceless dossier and take down a ruthless espionage ring. FX Sun. Years after the annulment of their spontaneous marriage a couple discovers a mistake in the paperwork that means they are still husband and wife.

A man and woman with a strained history learn to trust each other when their dreams bring them together to turn a ranch into an award-winning winery. KVCR Sun. A doctor tries the drug L-dopa on an immobile man and others like him in New York. TMC Tues. HBO Tues. Undercover Miami detectives switch lives while investigating murders linked to stolen heroin.

BET Sun. Two detectives uncover a conspiracy involving a drug kingpin while trying to stop the trafficking of Ecstasy in Miami. The case of a raped nun gets to a profane New York detective fouled by drugs, alcohol and sex. Audience Thur. Audience Fri. TMC Sun. A rude, drug-abusing educator vies with a perky colleague for the attentions of a rich and handsome substitute teacher. Encore Sun. Starz Sat. A disgraced pingpong player bounces back to go under cover for the government and bring a notorious crime lord to justice. Starz Wed. Ovation Sun.

Two former groupies, one with a family, the other with a wild temperament, reunite after two decades. Audience Sat. With the barbershop now coed, Calvin, Eddie and the rest of the gang come up with a plan to save the neighborhood from crime. VH1 Mon. VH1 Tues. TNT Sun. Following the death of his parents, young heir Bruce Wayne becomes a masked avenger who fights the forces of evil in Gotham City.

Convinced that Superman is now a threat to humanity, Batman embarks on a personal vendetta to end his reign on Earth, while the conniving Lex Luthor launches his own crusade against the Man of Steel. TNT Mon. An epic adventure unfolds across the high seas, as American sailors go to war against an army of invading aliens. NR 31 mins. Audience Sun. A titled Viennese bank president winds up marrying his wide-eyed secretary.

TCM Wed. A determined hairstylist competes with her former boss after opening her own business in Atlanta. BET Thur. Two wayward women go down the Mississippi by steamboat, looking for men to fleece. In an attempt to woo the woman of his dreams, a man sells his soul to the devil for seven wishes. Cinemax Sat. A ghoul helps a newly dead couple haunt the tasteless new owners of their beloved home. A year-old girl uses reverse psychology to get her kidnapper to set her free. When she returns home, the only person who believes her story is a veteran detective who realizes she was taken by a notorious serial killer.

TCM Thur. Two young friends involved in organized crime and drug dealing find that their priorities differ. After eight years in prison, G is released and returns to his old ways on the streets -- until he starts to fall for a policewoman. A time-warped astronaut lands on ape-ruled Earth and finds telepathic mutants worshiping an atomic bomb.

EPIX Tues. A disabled serviceman and two other veterans have difficulty adjusting to civilian life after World War II. TCM Mon. Cinemax Fri. A year-old Asian student commits crimes with his goofy friend and a gang in Southern California. A woman hopes to tie up Jed Clampett, a mountain-man Easterner, and his newly acquired wealth in the bonds of matrimony.

A pampered pooch from Beverly Hills must rely on help from scrappy Mexican street dogs after she is accidentally separated from her caretaker. HBO Sat. Sundance Sun. In the Mojave Desert, a naked and unarmed hunting guide runs from a wealthy hunter who wants to ensure his silence in the death of an old man. Cinemax Thur.

A year-old girl, Queen Victoria and the Big Friendly Giant must devise a plan to get rid of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater and all the other bad giants once and for all. TBS Sat. Hoping to lure back his exasperated girlfriend, a goofy slacker gains custody of a 5-year-old boy. Lifetime Tues. To protect a woman and her son from a robber, a male FBI agent assumes the guise of a large grandmother.

EPIX Sat. In an Irish mercenary fighting for the British army abandons his post to seek revenge on those responsible for the death of his family. Showtime Tues. Showtime Fri. Anglican nuns face a variety of pressures as they attempt to maintain a convent school and hospital in the Himalayas. HBO Wed. An inventive oddball takes matters into his own hands when crime overruns the Illinois city he calls home.

A reimagining of the life and times of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement. A black railroad worker is appointed sheriff of a town marked for destruction by a scheming politician. Ovation Tues. Lisa, Hunter and Mitchell learn that their teenage daughters plan to lose their virginity on prom night.

The worried parents soon join forces for a wild and chaotic quest to stop the girls from sealing the deal -- no matter what the cost. Fans flock to a festival celebrating iconic horror movies, only to discover that the showman behind the event has a diabolical agenda. As festival attendees start dying off, three teenagers must band together to survive. An Irish explosives expert targets an old foe and his family living in Boston. A jewel thief returns to a construction site to retrieve his cache and finds a police station on the spot. BET Fri. BET Sat. A quadriplegic detective and a patrol cop try to catch a killer re-creating grisly crimes.

A Manhattan playboy gets a new corporate boss, and she treats him the way he has always treated women. Ovation Wed. After her release from prison, a former CEO battles old enemies while trying to build a brownie empire with her ex-assistant. FX Mon. FX Tues.

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Wilson, Luke Wilson. Three inept robbers pull heists, then argue, split and reconcile in suburban Dallas. After being stood up on a date, a woman writes down her feelings, places the letter in a bottle, and throws it into the ocean. Months later, a fisherman discovers the message and decides to reach out. An ad executive seeks out the widow of a stranger who swapped tickets with him before boarding an ill-fated flight.

A boy and his new friend hatch a plan to save a community of mischievous cavern-dwellers from the villainous townsman who plans to exterminate them. Freeform Mon. A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. Cass is a Los Angeles club promoter who meets a Midwestern woman named Frida on the night of the presidential election.

She challenges Cass to revisit his broken dreams, while he pushes Frida to discover hers. Jared is the son of a small-town Baptist pastor who gets outed to his parents at age The vampire count of Transylvania seeks his lost love and the conquest of Britain by plague. Enraged by the killing of his wife, Scotsman William Wallace leads a revolt against the tyrannical English king in the 13th century.

Former lovers live together as hostile roommates when both refuse to move out of their shared condominium. CMT Fri. A wrestler, a rebel, a brain, a beauty and a shy girl share Saturday detention in a Chicago high school. IFC Tues. Complications arise after a man writes a successful how-to book on ending romantic relationships. A woman hires a bush pilot to free her husband, framed for a murder, from a Mexican prison.

KVCR Wed. KVCR Sat. An Air Force pilot matches wits with a renegade colleague who is threatening to detonate a pair of nuclear warheads. Cinemax Sun. Family members move to Montana to escape from their past but soon find themselves terrorized by ghosts and old secrets in their new haunted house. A producer for a record company falls for his longtime friend shortly after proposing to his girlfriend.

Ovation Mon. The martial artist is seen in clips and recalled by Steve McQueen, James Coburn and others who knew him. The gay Austrian fashionista ignites numerous outrageous situations when he brings his show to America. A discouraged artist is convinced by her best friend to paint the perfect man, hoping it will attract love.

Hallmark Sat. NR 50 mins. Spies force two British con men to pose as look-alike scientists peddling cheap-energy fusion. KCOP Sat. Following an attack on his convoy in Iraq, a man awakes in a coffin with little more than a lighter, a cell phone and his building anxiety. Parents send their teenager to a rehabilitation camp in the desert because they think she is a lesbian. Sam goes back in time to save his sister, Jenna, from a house fire but makes other changes inadvertently, so he swears off time travel but changes his mind when an innocent man is convicted of killing his girlfriend.

Buzz Author Buzz Bissinger reveals his own buried desires in ways that test his marriage and family. A World War I veteran makes his Indiana sweetheart wait for marriage while he makes money. Hoping to gain political influence in their North Carolina district, two wealthy CEOs put up a naive candidate to challenge a longtime incumbent congressman. Can You Ever Forgive Me? Lee Israel is a frustrated, hard-drinking author who can barely afford to pay her rent or bills in s New York. Desperate for money, Israel soon hatches a scheme to forge letters by famous writers and sell them to bookstores and collectors.

Syfy Sat. A sultry plant worker drives a wartime soldier to murder in Jacksonville, Fla. After receiving a license to kill, British agent James Bond enters a high-stakes poker game with Le Chiffre, a man who finances terrorist groups. After a plane crash at sea, a Federal Express engineer survives on a remote island for four years in complete isolation. AMC Mon. Tragedy results when two British army officers fall in love with the same woman.

A poor boy and four spoiled children win a tour through the incredible factory of an odd confectioner. Three private detectives try to rescue a kidnapped computer pro whose voice-ID software would threaten global security. Three private detectives work under cover to retrieve two rings that contain cryptic information.

In Holland, two wasted Americans wander into Amsterdam and stage a show to bail out a film festival. A teacher falls in love with a gifted but bitter graduate at a Maine school for the deaf. KFTR Mon. A rich man falls back in love with Christmas and a party planner. Lifetime Mon. Holly returns to her hometown to help with a light show but has second thoughts when she sees Mike, her high school sweetheart, is organizing it. With help from her mother and Mr. Kriss, Holly falls in love with the town, and Mike, all over again. CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion Filmmaker Jenni Gold explores disability story lines in film, television and advertising to see if the media has helped societal inclusion for people with disabilities.

TCM Sun. An overworked architect obtains a universal remote that allows him to control the world around him. An Indiana lineman and other UFO-sighters, beleaguered by earlier incidents, finally have documented contact with space aliens. A writer, a photographer, a young woman and a successful dermatologist grapple with love and betrayal.

The hottest bartender in Manhattan leaves his partner, goes to Jamaica and falls for a nice girl. An ex-convict plagues a couple and their two children after they move into his former mansion. During the Civil War, a wounded Confederate soldier abandons his duties to make his way home to his sweetheart. His search for the truth soon becomes a quest for revenge against a psychotic drug lord named Viking and his sleazy henchmen. A notorious outlaw helps a cowboy fight political corruption in Texas. Collision Frank Grillo, Jaimie Alexander.

Deceit and betrayal rise to the surface after newlyweds survive a deadly car accident in the Moroccan desert. In the midst of his daily commute, insurance salesman Michael MacCauley is contacted by a mysterious stranger who forces him to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on the train before the last stop. A young executive and two older employees struggle to find work and redefine their priorities after losing their jobs in a wave of corporate downsizing.

Company Town San Francisco turns into a playground for tech moguls of the sharing economy. Meanwhile, middle class and ethnic communities are driven out by skyrocketing rents and evictions, sparking a grassroots backlash that challenges the oligarchy of tech. KVCR Tues. Chuck Barris produces game shows for television and leads a double life as a CIA assassin. Caesar the ape leads simians in revolt against the governor enslaving them on future Earth. A year-old teen adores a promising composer, who is quite fond of the girl, but his romance with her older cousin and following marriage create an emotional rivalry that affects the three.

A scientist seeks alien beings after receiving mysterious messages from deep space via radio telescope dishes. When a celebrity marriage counselor is left high and dry at the altar, her contractor steps in as the groom to help her save face. Abandoned by his wife, a big-city lawyer loses his job and moves with his young son to rural Kansas. A French sailor, framed and sent to an island prison, escapes and seeks revenge on those who betrayed him.

Four police officers begin to question their faith and their abilities as fathers after a tragedy hits close to home. A Texas cowboy saves indebted cattlemen from a crook in cahoots with a banker. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone. Under guidance from Rocky Balboa, boxing phenom Adonis Johnson prepares for an epic showdown against the son of Ivan Drago -- the former Russian fighter who killed Apollo Creed in the ring.

The singing of a nursery rhyme sets in motion a bloody curse that awakens a demonic figure. Syfy Tues. A crossword puzzle editor finds herself dragged into a police investigation after several of her clues are linked to unsolved crimes. Chaos reigns when two clueless fathers take charge of a dilapidated summer camp and its ill-behaved attendees. An insecure man competes for the affection of his stepchildren when their freewheeling father breezes back into town. Cavalry officer. PG 3 hrs. A man tries to re-establish family ties by taking his two younger brothers on a train trip across India.

Cinemax Tues. Paramount Thur. Batman has to keep a balance between heroism and vigilantism to fight a vile criminal known as the Joker, who would plunge Gotham City into anarchy. A man makes himself disappear. NR 10 mins. Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, must prevent the Man in Black from toppling the Dark Tower, the key that holds the universe together. A man questions the meaning of his own existence. NR Cinemax Sat. An upstart stock-car driver goes to the edge for his manager, his brain-surgeon girlfriend and himself.

Una apuesta de dos millonarios cambia la vida de un ejecutivo por la de un peluquero. KWHY Sat. Armed with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor, mercenary Wade Wilson adopts the alter ego Deadpool and hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. FX Wed. An unmarried postmistress attends a New York convention and meets a salesman about to be married.

When dictator Joseph Stalin dies, his parasitic cronies square off in a frantic power struggle to become the next Soviet leader. As they bumble, brawl and back-stab their way to the top, the question remains -- just who is running the government? Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, a three-time speedway champion must compete in a brutal auto race in which the penalty for losing is death. A deadly monster stalks an adventurer, a thief, a builder and others out to sea. A young girl dies in after a demonic spirit preys on her family.

Decades later, a skeptical doctor must stop history from repeating itself by confronting his own demons to save the life of a possessed teenager. Showtime Thur. Descendants 3 Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson. Mal and her friends face their biggest challenge yet when an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon. Freeform Sun. Disney Tues. An amnesiac spelunker joins a rescue team to explore underground caves where bloodthirsty creatures dwell. Women on a caving expedition encounter ravenous underground predators that would love to sink their teeth into fresh meat.

Hallmark Sun. A mortgage and no job force a black war hero to seek a mystery lady for a shady guy in Los Angeles. A recent college graduate lands a job working for a famous and diabolical editor of a New York fashion magazine. E Mon. E Tues. E Fri. E Sat. An Englishwoman haunted by African voodoo becomes headmistress of a school run by an odd brother and sister. A woman must put her life back together after her husband of 18 years abruptly kicks her out of the house. Hoping to make a comeback, a man stays with a suburban family to prepare for the lead role in a Rob Reiner film.

AMC Sun. Diego Maradona Diego Armando Maradona. On July 5, , Diego Maradona arrives in Naples for a world-record fee. HBO Fri. A police detective defies his superiors to capture a sniper terrorizing San Francisco. During a fateful night, a group of impossibly attractive somethings must dodge a series of man-made and natural disasters. A recently divorced man hires his former wedding planner to throw a divorce party to celebrate his newfound freedom. Fox, Julie Warner. An upstart plastic surgeon gets stuck in a one-doctor Southern town and falls in love with a local.

After a terrible accident, Dr. Stephen Strange loses his ability to operate but finds new purpose when a mystical being known as the Ancient One reveals that Dr. Strange is the newly designated Sorcerer Supreme. MTV Thur. MTV Fri. As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic, mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner.

Five emotionally fragile teens are committed to Blackwood, a mysterious boarding school for gifted and disturbed girls. Syfy Fri. Three friends hire a homeless soldier-of-fortune to protect them from the school bully. After one too many drinks, two parents come up with an elaborate plan to hide their ever increasing financial difficulties from their daughter and judgmental social circle.

Desperate to reach his pregnant wife, a high-strung architect takes a road trip home with an annoying stranger. TRU Sat. Audience Mon. A video-store clerk allows a TV executive to film every aspect of his life for 24 hours a day. Living with his destitute mother, a young man in Detroit tries to overcome obstacles and achieve success as a rapper.

A tyrannical department-store manager falls for an employee who is secretly married to one of his assistants. After running away fails, a terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband. E Thur. Six strangers visit a mysterious building to experience the escape room -- a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles. A mother will stop at nothing to save her daughter from a dangerous sex cult.

Las vicisitudes del trabajador mexicano que emigra a los EE. KWHY Tues. KWHY Wed. Tragedy strikes a prosperous Louisiana family in after a girl catches her father with another woman. A widower sets out on a road trip to reconnect with each of his adult children, then he finds that their lives are far from perfect. At a remote forest cabin, five friends discover a Book of the Dead and unwittingly summon an ancient demon.

The malevolent entity possesses each person in succession, until only one is left intact to fight for survival. Cabin visitors fight protean spirits of the dead with a chainsaw, a shotgun and Egyptian incantations. Teens in a remote cabin accidentally resurrect demonic forces with a taped incantation and the Book of the Dead. NC 1 hr. Banished to Staten Island, a homicide detective hopes a murder case is his ticket back to his Manhattan precinct. Sundance Sat. The owner of a flavor-extract factory suffers a series of personal and professional disasters following a freak workplace accident.

Extraction Kellan Lutz, Bruce Willis. A government analyst launches his own rescue mission when terrorists kidnap his father, a retired CIA operative. An FBI agent and a violent terrorist switch identities. The parents of a young man who still lives at home hire a beautiful woman to entice him to finally leave the nest. Everything changes when she ropes him into participating in her bachelor bake-off to help save the station.

When his young son is given a harrowing diagnosis, Dane is pulled between achieving his dream and spending time with the family that needs him. A Wall Street playboy wakes to find himself married to the college sweetheart he left in order to pursue a career 13 years earlier. Everett brings Meredith to meet his bohemian family at Christmas. Secrets and scandals test the friendship of a wealthy socialite and a working-class woman, upsetting both their families.

VH1 Wed. Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben face an intergalactic messenger who has arrived to prepare Earth for destruction. An ambulance driver and a nurse share an ill-fated romance in World War I Italy. USA Sat. Agent Hobbs offers Dom Toretto and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone they all know. An American street racer in Japan learns an exciting but dangerous new style and goes head-to-head with a local champion who has ties to the Yakuza. An undercover police officer investigates a gang leader suspected of stealing electronic equipment.

KVEA Sun. The teen scene includes a party-animal surfer, a pregnant girl and a fast-food worker. Members of the globe-trotting crew face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces Dom to betray them all. Now, they must unite to bring home the man who made them a family and stop her from unleashing chaos.

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FX Thur. In town for a motorcycle race, a sportswriter and his attorney engage in prolific substance abuse. On Aug. Their heroic and courageous actions help to save the lives of more than passengers on board. HBO Thur. Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame finds romance and happiness with a younger man, but her life changes forever when she is diagnosed with breast cancer in the s. With help from Nemo and Marlin, Dory the forgetful fish embarks on an epic adventure to find her mother and father.

Disney Sat. A middle-class snob on the eve of retirement takes refuge with her bohemian sister after she discovers her husband is having an affair with her best friend. A Pittsburgh welder dances nights in a bar, dates her boss and dreams of going to ballet school. An undercover Los Angeles reporter investigates a businessman who wants him to kill him. Two strangers share a room at a bed-and-breakfast when an unexpected snowstorm delays their flight on Christmas Eve.

As spring blooms, rival house flippers find themselves renovating dual sides of a duplex. As they attempt to out-do each other every step of the way, the stakes of the renovation escalate and an old romance is rekindled. An American mercenary vows to help loyalists destroy a strategically located bridge during the Spanish Civil War.

A bridegroom hurries by plane to his wedding, but he and his seatmate must find other modes of travel. A businessman embarks on a revenge-fueled vendetta after his daughter dies in a terrorist bombing. His search leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official whose past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers. Showtime Sat. Two people find love in Ireland but their dreams drive them apart.

Five years later, they reunite and the woman must decide where her heart belongs. Hallmark Tues. Liam Page is a country music superstar who left his bride Josie at the altar to pursue fame and fortune.

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Now, he must face the consequences of his actions when he returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend from high school. In Hawaii struggling to get over a bad breakup, a musician encounters his former lover and her new boyfriend. Forty-seven leaderless samurai must turn to a mixed-blood outcast for help in defeating the treacherous overlord who killed their master and banished them.

Syfy Sun. A magazine editor seeks revenge against terrorists who botched a hijacking and killed his wife and children. Two fortune cookies cause an engaged psychotherapist and her teenage daughter to magically exchange bodies. In Jones County, Miss. FXX Sat. FXX Sun. A Texas heiress meets a French playboy while posing as a model in Europe.

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo marries fellow artist Diego Rivera who shares her radical political views. A South Central Los Angeles resident hangs out on his front porch with a pal who owes money to a drug dealer. Working as security guards, Craig and Day-Day run into the thief who stole their Christmas presents. A high-school football coach in Odessa, Texas, tries to lead his players to the state championship.

Friends naively believe that adding sex to their relationship will not lead to complications.