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The God-Stone War (Mageborn, book 4) by Michael G Manning

Play Sample. Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. Please enable cookies in your browser to get the full Trove experience. Skip to content Skip to search. Manning, Michael G. Published Los Gatos Smashwords Edition, Language English.

Michael G. Manning

Author Manning, Michael G. Series Mageborn Summary Seven years have passed since Mordecai's battle with the Shining God, Celior, and since that time his control of his abilities has vastly improved. He has at last envisioned a use for the 'God-Stone', but the gods want vengeance and now seek to destroy everything he has built. No more studio apartment.

No more reality TV. Finally, he's in a place where he can call home, a place with people he can call friends. But as more people want to trade their real world lives to get inside Eden's Gate, the government of the outside world wants the "game" shut down at all costs. Strong-willed and full of hope, Leo strives to learn more of the magic he has read so much about. He's heard of invisible links in his world, and hidden rifts to other realms filled with creatures and stones of power. But Leo's family is stuck in an impoverished city.

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He performs backbreaking farm work beside his older brother, a rebellious and cunning thief, but nonetheless a brother whom Leo would trust with his life. Leo believes everything will change for the better when he begins work as a bookbinder and finally leaves the dreadful farm. Seven years have passed since Mordecai's battle with the Shining God, Celior, and since that time his control of his abilities has vastly improved. He has at last envisioned a use for the 'God-Stone,' but the gods want vengeance and now seek to destroy everything he has built.

The secrets of the past threaten the future of his kingdom, his family, and perhaps humanity itself, unless Mordecai can discover the meaning of 'Illeniel's Doom. God Stone War is the first in this series Other than the prequel that I was entertained from start to finish and then even kept you intrigued for Final Redemption.

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With the previous 3 installments, I kept loosing interest before being caught up again. Manning does that really well. He wants there to be filler in the books so that they aren't over in a pages, but the filler is never that great. The fight between the people of Cameron and the Gods is brilliantly done because it tells us how smart Mort is beyond how powerful he is. It also brings together the characters and binds them even more into a family. Which makes it much more of an intriguing story.

Then after all that, you get the battle between Mort and Timmy, and the horribleness that follows that fight. Book 4 is fantastic and you can tell that Manning is getting better at his trade with every word he writes. I always wondered how Embers of Illeniel was so great while Blacksmith's Son and Unbound felt a little lacking, but with God Stone War and now listening to Final Redemption, it's clear that Manning is finding his stride. McLaren does his usual fantastic job.

It is a high rank as far as medieval time of books. What did you like best about this story? The Humor of the main character's troubled times. How does this one compare? I don't remember, but Todd does change his characters while reading. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Any additional comments? Just waiting on the next installment. Where is book five? I love the first four! There must be some information on a release date. Please let us know! I liked the book, but the inappropriate use of vastly different accents was distracting. For instance; Mort and Dorian grew up together yet Dorian has an Australian sounding accent, and Mort has an American accent. Looking forward to book 5, hoping the new narrator proves to be more consistent with accents.

As the plot crawls along, Manning's characters indulge in endless melodramatic soliloquies. The book is a tedious explication of banal neuroses, stitched onto plot based on an incrementally recovering buried memory. By this installment of the series I have lost all sympathy for the 'good' characters, and all interest in the 'bad' ones. And the plot lurches from one crisis to the next not necessarily from something logical in the development of the story line, but from the next outrageous hidden feature of the fantasy world brought suddenly to light.

This was not one of my better literary acquisitions.

Only problem is you still hear end of disk one in the middle of the book. This series has some interesting magical concepts. Particularly intriguing was the introduction of Moira and the idea of directly channeling the elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. However, the writing is poor and much of the character development weak. Most annoying is that Mort never matures. As a reader, I felt the same frustration expressed by characters such as Penny and Dorian about his immaturity.

Despite the passing of a couple of decades, his humor stays that of a teenage boy. I strikes me that the author may have tapped into some very ancient wisdom to present the concepts that I found intriguing.

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Unfortunately, he does not honor them in the story development. Rather he surrounds these gems with many pages of poor story lines and inane dialogue.