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Moo-ve Over for Vegan Baking! Your Guide to Dairy-Free Treats

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Got one to sell? Shop by Publication Year. See All - filter options. Shop by Subject. Classical Conversations. Abeka 1st Grade. Abeka Biology. Saxon Algebra 1 Textbooks.

Saxon Algebra 2. Saxon Math 3. Algebra 2 Teaching Textbooks. Math U See Alpha. It may be possible that non-vegetarians who eat the same healthy amounts of these foods get a similar health benefit. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians still have to watch their fat intake to further ensure good health. Keeping a balanced diet When you give up animal products, you eat much less fat, especially saturated fat, but if you add back lots of other fatty foods fried veggie burgers for example, or snack foods like chips, doughnuts or pastries you will lose out on some of the benefits. It's important to replace the nutrients you miss out on by eliminating animal products.

The more restricted your diet is, the more care you must take. A lacto-ovo vegetarian one who eats dairy products and eggs generally has no trouble meeting her nutritional requirements, while a strict vegan one who totally avoids animal products must take greater care. Page 1 of 3 -- Read on for more about the best sources for getting the nutrients you need, as well as delicious vegetarian recipes.

IRON Non-meat sources of iron include lentils, kidney, garbanzo, pinto and white beans, dried fruit, egg yolks and iron-enriched cereals, grains and pastas. Unfortunately, the iron in vegetables and grains isn't as well absorbed as the iron in meat. But, if you eat these foods with a food containing vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruits, strawberries or peppers, it will be better absorbed.

Also, tea or coffee with a meal can interfere with iron absorption, so it's better to drink juice or water. If you rely heavily on plant foods to get iron, you should eat even more of these foods to make up for the poor absorption. There is calcium in tofu make sure you buy the kind made with calcium , fortified soy and rice beverages, fortified orange juice, kale, dark green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and bok choy and nuts such as almonds and Brazil nuts.

Because the calcium in many vegetables, such as spinach and beans, is not as available to your body, it may be necessary to take a calcium supplement if you eliminate all dairy products and all calcium-fortified beverages. This is especially true for young women. This vitamin is also produced when your body is directly exposed to sunlight. ZINC Non-animal sources include soy products such as tempeh, miso and tofu, soy and rice beverages, soybeans, beans, lentils, wheat germ, nuts and grains.

Dairy products and eggs are good sources for lacto-ovo vegetarians. A strict vegan should eat B12 fortified foods like fortified soy or rice beverages or look to supplements. If you do decide to become vegetarian, become knowledgeable about your food choices. Include legumes, soy and lentils in your diet. Hummus, bean dips, lentil salads or veggie burgers are tastes to try. Vegetarian food options There are lots of interesting foods to buy like vegetable burgers, vegetarian burritos, meatless lasagna, lentil soups and falafel.

Eat two to three servings of dairy products a day. Cheese, yogurt and milk add valuable calcium, vitamin D and protein.