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For retailers who want to stay afloat in the competitive market, it is imperative that they understand how RFID can rapidly improve their customer service. The customer experience has changed drastically over the last decade. Buying goods has never been easier — with the click of a button numerous orders can be made using mobile phones, with goods ready to pick up in store within a matter of hours.

Bon-Ton Stores Improve Customer Experience and Sales Efficiency with Zebra RFID Technology

Customers can see all that a store has to offer without setting foot inside and check stock levels without the assistance of shop attendants. Whilst shopping has in many ways become easier, there are few issues that constantly cause a breakdown in the process, with one of the main offenders being inaccurate stock levels. Today, inventory accuracy continues to be an ongoing issue across retail sectors, from department stores to full-line supermarkets and big-box chains. Shortfalls in the ability to measure stock levels accurately cause retailers to lose out on potential sales and put customer loyalty at risk.

How do retailers address this issue?

AdvanMirror - Virtual fitting room based on RFID and augmented reality

The answer is RFID. RFID is 10 times more efficient at cycle counting than traditional barcode scanning and can increase inventory accuracy across the supply chain. When it comes to implementation, launching a pilot program instore can help retailers effectively measure the benefits and return on investment ROI of RFID before launching a full deployment. First, retailers need to determine the payoff of RFID for their business.

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Inventory accuracy is a major pain point for customers, and improving it is a universal goal for retailers. For this reason, it can be an essential part of delivering an outstanding shopping experience. Furthermore, RFID can help retailers identify visibility issues and solutions to increase customer satisfaction — for example by keeping visual displays up to date.

Is there a particular shop item that is chronically low on inventory? In these cases, a retailer might consider an RFID pilot designed to improve merchandising standards for labour-intensive product categories and ultimately improve the customer experience. To learn more about piloting RFID to transform the customer experience , click here.

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We love you! Instead, patrons pour their own drinks, and RFID technology tracks how much they consume and keeps running tabs. When customers walk in, they use their credit cards to open a tab and present their ID, which employees scan into the point-of-sale system. Employees then pair the customer information to RFID-enabled cards. Each tap has an Android tablet built into the wall above it , providing information on each beverage.

How to Supercharge the Retail Customer Experience and Revenue with RFID

When a customer swipes an RFID card on a tap, the tablet identifies the customer and opens the tap valve. After the customer is done pouring the beverage, the valve locks up. A meter measures the amount poured, accurate by the ounce, Slattery says. Slattery uses POS software to price drinks by the ounce.

If a drink is rare or popular, he can limit pours. The software also lets him check inventory in real time. Trump National Doral, a luxury golf resort just outside Miami, is taking advantage of RFID to bolster security, improve customer service and streamline operations. The resort upgraded its guest rooms with RFID locks two years ago , as part of a massive renovation and technology upgrade after the Trump Organization purchased the property.

Front desk staffers can reassign rooms remotely.

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A receptionist can update an RFID keycard without the guest making a trip to the front desk. In doing so, it attached new waterproof RFID tags in about 10, garments. In the past, employees had to individually find the barcodes on each piece of clothing and individually scan them in when they picked up their uniforms and returned them.

Now, employees can wave an RFID reader, and it automatically inventories all their clothes at once. RFID readers continually update information into a database, which helps with uniform inventory and accountability, Mahler says. Moving forward, customers and workers should expect smart RFID adoptions to become fairly common, says J.

Gerry Purdy, a principal analyst at Mobilocity. Companies will continue to innovate because RFID will play an increasingly pivotal role in the Internet of Things , where objects with sensors communicate data over IP networks, he says. Purdy predicts that the clever and highly custom uses of RFID have really only just begun. Last December, Target built a Christmas-themed, temporary pop-up store in Manhattan, where the retailer merged the physical and digital shopping experience.