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The capacitor and tone pot are wired together to provide a variable low pass filter.

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This means when the filter is engaged tone pot is turned only the low frequencies pass to the output jack and the high frequencies are grounded out cut In this application, the capacitor value determines the "cutoff frequency" of the filter and the position of the tone pot determines how much the highs everything above the cutoff frequency will be reduced. So the rule is: Larger capacitors will have lower cutoff frequency and sound darker in the bass setting because a wider range of frequencies is being reduced.

Smaller capacitors will have a higher cutoff frequency and sound brighter in the bass setting because only the ultra high frequencies are cut.

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For this reason, dark sounding guitars like Les Pauls with humbuckers typically use. Keep in mind that the capacitor value only affects the sound when the tone control is being used pot in the bass setting The tone capacitor value will have little to no effect on the sound when the tone pot is in the treble setting.

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Does the number of control pots used affect the sound? Yes: Since the load on the pickups is determined by the total parallel resistance of all pots that are being used at a time, using fewer pots will reduce the overall load and give a slightly brighter sound. Also, connecting more pots is the same as using lower value pots, two K pots will loose or "bleed" the same amount of treble frequencies as one K pot. To lessen the effect, switching should be designed when possible to remove pots from the circuit when the related pickup is not selected.

An example of this is the Les Paul: bridge controls are out of the circuit when in the selector is in the neck position and the neck controls are out of the circuit when the selector is in the bridge position.

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What does a volume "treble bleed" capacitor do? A volume "treble bleed" sometimes called treble bypass capacitor is used on a volume control pot to prevent treble frequency loss as the volume pot is turned down. This is done by placing a small capacitor usually. As the volume is reduced, the capacitor allows high frequencies to bleed through to the output and keeps the tone from getting muddy at lower volume settings.

Single wire humbuckers, also called single conductor have the link between the two individual coils hard wired together internally. They also have one coil lead hard wired to ground. This means the pickup can not be coil split, reverse phased or switched to parallel. These pickups usually have a metal braided coaxial output wire. The wire used as hot is soldered to the pickup switch or volume pot.

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With a single 4 wire humbucker, there are six possible modes. Series-In Phase This is the standard humbucker wiring.

Maximum power output with strong bass and smooth attack. Single Coil South Just the South coil of the pickup alone. Good traditional single coil tone with a sharper attack.

Single Coil North Just north coil of the pickup alone. Almost the same tone as the south coil but slightly different due to its different position. Parallel-In Phase Great single coil style tone with no hum. Best option for clean, bright tone without the noise of standard single coil wiring. Strong treble with crisp attack but lower power output. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Worcester: Isaiah Thomas, Second edition, revised and corrected, More Seymour, and no.

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Federal Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard, attributed to John and Thomas Seymour, Boston, Massachusetts, late 18th century, the central desk drawer opens to an interior of three drawers and seven valanced More Oil on canvas, 43 x 59 in. Condition: Lined, More Search All Lots. View: per page 30 60 BP BP. Search Your search has returned 30 results.

James Hilhouse of Cornwallis House, Clifton. Lot Details Inquire. Approximately Twenty-two Framed Prints and Etchings. Federal-style Commode Chest.

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James Doull Mahogany Tall Clock. Rare Federal Mahogany Veneer Cellarette. Mahogany Tall Clock by James Doull.