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At the time, a writers' strike elsewhere meant that one of TV's most popular shows, 'Saturday Night Live,' wasn't producing new episodes. So USA struck while the iron was hot, or at least lukewarm.

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Their answer to fill the weekend programming schedule was Night Flight -- four hours of music videos and performances, overlooked movies and strange short films. The geniuses behind the USA network often pulled from old, forgotten movies to fill those four hours. And so 'The Devil's Ball' was rescued from a life of obscurity While many old films now lack the emotional impact they may have had during their time, Starevich's work remains creepy as f The short clip here, taken out of the context of the larger work to which it belongs, makes little or no sense.

It's just a devil sending weird spirits and ghastly ghouls out into the night. The thing is, seen as a whole, the film doesn't make much more sense than the above snippet.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Co-stars: James Marsden, Liv Tyler. Directors and screenwriters: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal.

Twenty-five years after Paul Simon created his iconic Graceland album, the singer-songwriter returns to South Africa, where he fused his folk-rock sensibilities with African rhythms and joined forces with the a cappella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Many would argue Simon helped the world see the beauty of South Africa through its music, which focused attention on the repression there.

Others still feel he crossed a line, and Simon confronts both points-of-view in this documentary.

demons just wanna have fun

It raises some good questions, and you get to love the music. A study of the evolution of the environmental movement through the decades, from the s to present day. Director: Mark Kitchell. Skateboarding legend and filmmaker Stacy Peralta brings together six men who helped define the sport in the s. Robert F.

Kennedy, providing a view from inside the politically powerful family and dealing with everything from his assassination to the 11 children she raised afterward. This film was produced by Peter Jackson, who helped to fund the effort to exonerate the three men starting in Director: Amy Berg. Sundance Did Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landing?

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Sundance lineup: Time-travel, sex, and… sex dominate competition. Sundance Midnight Movies highlight the horrible and hilarious.

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Sundance Girls and robots -- and goats just wanna have fun. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom.